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The Ressource Centre provides access to articles written by our networks and partners. The articles are divided into 6 thematic categories.

But just as climate change is a cross-cutting challenge, our thematic areas are overlapping and many articles are not specific to one single category. That is why we recommend you to use our Search Tool if you have particular needs.  

Finally, remember to raise your voice and submit an article, should you wish to contribute!

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Adaptation & DRR


We are vulnerable. And we can adapt. But how much longer can the poor and vulnerable adapt? Are we perhaps better off preparing through DRR - Disaster Risk Reduction?


REDD / Forests

module redd

By Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degration (REDD), we get one stop closer. But we must safeguard the rights of forest communities.

Climate Finance


They promised us money to bear the consequence of the biggest injustice of our time. But how was it spent? And what actually happened to the rest of it?


Sustainable Energy

module sustainable-energy

How to light our homes, feed our kids, without comprising our environment? Well, sustainable solutions to meeting our basic energy needs are already around...

Climate Negotiations


They've promised before: The fair, ambitious and legally-binding agreement. Will our governments keep their word? - We better make sure they do!


Post-2015 / SDGs

Copyright CARE.Danmark 10 Ghana

The Milennium Development Goals expire in 2015. What comes next? And will any post-2015 goals include the promised Sustainable Development Goals?

Advocacy Tools

tools module

We are gathering tools to develop our advocacy capacity - f.ex. the Advocacy Planning Cycle. You can also find the Southern Voices Advocacy Toolkit.


Reports & Cases

reports module

Our networks analyse and assess climate policies and programmes in their respective countries and regions. Want to get to the bottom of things?

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