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SUSWATCH Latin America have begun the COP 20 prepartory workshops for Central America and used their recent publication - 'Balance of climate change at COP 19' as a discussion point. Having been involved in the last five climate summits, SUSWATCH, within the publication, provides a high level analysis of the climate meeting outcomes.

At the workshop, SUSWATCH presented the "Results of COP 19", the last UN Conference on Climate Change held in Poland in December 2013. With the effort, SUSWATCH has achieved over 5 consecutive years - they have produced a major analytical paper of this complex process of negotiations.
All organizations participating in the 4 workshops, including members of national spaces such as the Nicaraguan Alliance on Climate Change ( ANACC ) , the Honduran Alliance on Climate Change, the National Roundtable on Climate Change Platform Guatemala and Bolivia , is have proposed to strengthen social mobilization towards the next climate summit (COP 20 ) to be held in 2014 in Lima, Peru .
Although few organizations critically question the results of the overall process of negotiations, have agreed that during 2014 put pressure on their governments to adopt positions that help produce a new global climate agreement that effectively reduce radically C02 emissions in the atmosphere.

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