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In Latin America over 50 participants from 35 organisations attended the regional workshop in Nicaragua from 18 - 24th August 2013, titled 'Latin American Workshop on Climtate Change: Building capacity and joining the Southern Voices for Sustainable Development'

Download the workshop report 65 pages  (in Spanish) here. including pictures and participants list.
The workshop was coorganised by SusWatch, CAN Latin America, Soutern Voices and Ibis.
15 out of the 33 countries in Latin America and the Carribean were represented: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia,
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Perú y Uruguay.
The workshop over a week covered a number of issues including:

- Context and perspectives of the international neogiations - towards 2j015
- National Adaptation Plans - case from Nicaragua
- Loss and Damage
-Mitigation in the new context of the international negotiations
- REDD and forest mechanisms
- Effective communications techniques
- Golden rules for effective policy advocacy
- Adaptation and risk-management - preparing ourselves for Climate Change
Quotes from participants:

"I am here because I want to save the world, but I cannot do so alone, so I am here with you ... "

"You can not build a different world with indifferent people."

"In campaigns you have actions which are not legal but fair. Our governments very often take decisions which are legal but not unfair."

"Many environmental agreements are hard shells but with feet of clay. Almost all nation states sign them, but very few implement them.

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