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14/3/2012: The Green Economy has been identified as one of the two overarching themes of the upcoming UN Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 'Rio+20', in June this year. The concept of a Green Economy is being used as a political catchphrase in many contexts, but it is seldom clearly defined, and it is often hazy how it relates to existing concepts like for instance 'Sustainable Development'. Therefore, many Southern voices, both civil society and government are critical of the concept of Green Economy, because they fear it will detract attention from existing efforts for poverty eradication and sustainable development.

Building an equitable green economyThe 92 Group has asked a group of experts from developing countries what green economy must include for it to lead to equitable and sustainable development. They have produced a paper, which discuss an equitable Green Economy as a means for achieving the objectives of sustainable development. It notes that the term 'Green Economy' does explicitly only comprise two of the three strands of sustainable development: Environment (Green) and Economy. It insists that the social strand must be included explicitly as well, and for this it proposes the notion of equity.

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