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Message from the Latin American and the Caribbean region present at the Civil Society Conference in Regard to the Post-2015 Agenda, Bonn, Germany, 20-23 March 2013.
post2015 SDGsWe are concerned about the ambivalent character of the global processes led by United Nations (Post 2015 and Post Rio+20), as well as the huge barriers for achieving a real, plural, broad and inclusive participation of the proposals and visions of civil society.

We believe that a new paradigm for sustainable development demands a transformation of accumulation and redistribution patterns of wealth, as well as a strong action to confront poverty in its different dimensions. We must measure and control wealth as a global goal to truly eradicate inequalities and poverty in all its levels, and thus achieve an equalitarian and sustainable development.

We believe it is worrying that the Lead Author and Executive Secretary of the United Nations Secretary-General's High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, states that in the face of the so-called insufficientfinancial resources of governments, resorting to private capital as a financial source is needed, when we know that it is one of the main responsible actors for the current global crises, thus minimising the responsibilities and the potential of Nation States.

We call for people'saction ingetting organized and mobilized in their own countries in order to demand that financial and development decision-making institutions eradicate the multiple inequalities derived from discrimination by gender, age, class, race, sexual diversity, disability, and others. At the same time, we demand those institutions to confront the different crises that are threatening humanity, such as: environmental, social, food, economic/financial, energetic, climate change, feminization of poverty, violence in all its forms and expressions – especially against women, migrants and indigenous populations-, and in global governance.

Civil society organizations, as actors of development, demand changes that guarantee respect and due exercise of all Human Rights of Women and Men around the Globe.

March 22nd, 2013

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