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The Adaptation Communications is a central requirement to keep track of the progress by Governments in implementing the Paris Agreement, since there is close interlinkage between the temperature goal, the global goal on adaptation and the need to mobilise sufficient finance to meet the goals. 
So  it is key that they highlight the needs of the poor and vulnerable segments of the populations and how adaptation actions can strengthen the resilience of local communities and ecosystems.
This is among the key messages in a new Policy Brief on the Adaptation Communications  prepared by Southern Voices  based on input from civil society climate advocates in Cambodia, Ghana, Guatemala, Kenya, Nicaragua, Malawi, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.
In the Southern Voices we hope the policy brief will inform the discussions during the UNFCCC workshop May 6th in Bonn on the Adaptation Communications, and the ensuing discussions during the UNFCCC May session 2017. We also sent a Southern Voices submission of views on the Adaptation Communications to the UNFCCC.

The Adaptation Communications from Governments must be both forward looking and linked to the NDC’s and backward-to inform both the Global Stock-takes, and should allow the UNFCCC secretariat to prepare an overview of the challenges in adapting to the impacts of climate change, the efforts implemented and planned, the lessons learnt and the gaps identified by Parties in human, technical and financial resources.
In order to serve these purposes, Southern Voices on Adaptation recommend that the adaptation communications
  • Indicate and highlight the needs of poor and vulnerable segments of the population and highlight how adaptation actions will strengthen the resilience of local communities and ecosystems.
  • Include information on multi-stakeholder engagement and adaptation principles followed in planning and implementation of adaptation actions.
  • Provide information on relevant national and local policies that promote adaptation and resilience to climate change
  • Outline the adaptation gaps – between the nationally determined priorities and needs to address climate change impacts and the human, technical and financial resources available.
  • Are both backward and forward looking, with a frequency linking the NDCs and the global stock-take
Download the full Policy Brief here from Key SV-Adapt Documents. We have also prepared and sent a Southern Voices submission, available at the UNFCCC website here. The Government submissions are found here - scroll to number 28: Submissions and Statements at APA, item 4.
Please do not hesitate to contact our regional facilitators or partner networks for further information.

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