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billed til paintHow can the Joint Principles for Adaptation best be used by partner-networks to improve adaptation policies? How can we strengthen ties and learning among partner networks? And how can SV-Adapt best improve the visibility of the results of partner networks?

These were some of the key issues discussed in the strategic planning workshop for the SV-adapt coordination group in Bonn from 17-20 May – back to back with the UNFCCC SBSTA session here.

With two new regional facilitators it was the first time for the coordination group – comprised of the Programme Coordinator and the regional facilitators to meet in person – so team-building was part of the purpose of the event, which was facilitated by SVA consultant Raja Jarrah. Among the outcomes from the meeting were the following:

  • A  review of 9 strategies for policy influence and action plans from  SVA partner networks– with recommendations on follow-up and support by external consultants
  • An increased focus on strengthening Southern Voices visibility by sharing lessons with the UNFCCC Adaptation institutions, such as the Nairobi Work Programme, the Adaptation Committee and the NAP Expo in Bonn in July
  • An emphasis of learning among partner networks, so that networks in the same regions link up as “buddy networks” and meet each other  planning workshops and events

See the minutes from the SVA Strategic Planning and Team-Building Session


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