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Access to energy is a key challenge for many of the world's poor, in particular those living in remote rural areas. The International Network for Sustainable Energy, INFORSE, is promoting local solutions providing poor people with energy by a range of sustainable energy - solutions.
In the Southern Voices programme from 2011 - 14 a number of INFORSE networks were supported in documenting their experiences and results with from local sustainable energy solutions. These have now been published to serve as evidence which will help in underpinning advocacy for policies promoting local solutions for access to off-grid energy.
The case studies - together with an introduction and overview - are published in the report titled  "Combining Energy Access and Climate Protection" which highlights sustainable energy solutions that improve energy access and livelihood while at the same time reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.
The case studies were develped by INFORSE with support from the  Southern Voices programme which was operating from 2011 - 2014 through a consortium of five Danish NGOs, Climate Action Network and IIED. It is coordinated by CARE Denmark and funded by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).
The cases cover the following countries
  • Mali - Solar Lanterns for Rural Housholds; and Jathropa Oil for Local Energy Use
  • Togo: Solar lamps for households
  • Senegal: Improved hybrid ovens; and removal of the subsidy for liquid gas
  • India: Carbon Credit for Household Biogas and Bamboo used for Biogas
  • India: Solar Dryers for income generation
  • Sri Lanka: Commercialisation of improved cookstoves
  • Nepal: Improved Water Mills
  • Bangladesh: Solar Home Systems with Microcredits
The documentation and experiences has helped informed INFORSEs work promoting Sustainable Energy and Zero Carbon Moddeling at various occasions including the Bonn Pre-Cop21 Meeting in June 2015.
The publication  is produced by INFORSE, the International Network for Sustainable Energy, in cooperation with ENDA/ INFORSE-West Africa, INSEDA/ INFORSE-South Asia; Mali Folkecenter; CRT Nepal;. WAFD and AIWC, India; and Grameen Shakti, Bangladesh.

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