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25/10/2013: The coordinated among its members and the continued support from CAN achieve the goal proposed by CANLA: successfully replicate new ads conclusive report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). So CANLA is positioned in strategic media in the region, as a valid spokesman for the Latino community to explain the scope of this new white paper based on the scientific basis of climate change.

default-sv-logo-2Bring the ads and conclusions contained in the Fifth Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to as many in the Latin American community and that community in turn assimilate the importance of the findings and warnings coming from science, was the bet that the network was proposed Climate Action Network Latin America (CANLA) last September, on the verge of ads that would be issued under the official meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel took place in Stockholm and ended with the launch of a new report for policy makers in various countries, which in its 14 chapters provides a comprehensive assessment of the scientific basis of climate.

To achieve this ambitious goal we implemented a communications strategy that saw support from Climate Action Network (NIAC) and the coordinated work of the vast majority of members CANLA, communications equipment and steering group.

Weeks of preparation and virtual meetings served to organize work and identify who would be the official spokesperson CANLA, for this process, choosing Uruguayan Mario Caffera climatologist, who was instrumental in the interpretation of scientific information contained in this report, data translation and review of official communications issued from CANLA to the community.

Advocacy Strategy
To inform about the new Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as many people in the region and achieve impact, communications equipment CANLA devised a communications strategy that identified strategic media in the region and those where members This network had contacts already created. In this way we worked with some specific media, which finally fulfilled the task of replicating the material produced and shipped from the network node regional climate is CANI since 2009.

Thus, the September 27 and building on the proposed official press release delivered by NIAC, a note was prepared containing the main points of this first report of the Fifth IPCC report (AR5 WG1), plus the views of the speakers Mario CANLA Caffera (Friends of Wind Uruguay), Manuel Guzman Hennessey (LATIN AMERICAN NETWORK-KLN Klimaforum Colombia) and Henry Maurer Konstantinidis (Argentina Biosphere Foundation), issued CANLA teleconference conducted by IPCC ads with regional press releases just hours the Intergovernmental Panel official announcements from Stockholm. Instance which received logistical support and participation CANI main Mario Caffera in his capacity as a member of this active network and expert on climate science.

In the note issued by CANLA which had the headline "Fifth IPCC report is categorical:" Climate crisis is now and requires specific government actions to reverse devastating effects "released on September 27 it was emphasized that this new IPCC report establishes new technical basis for future actions to be implemented, and tackling climate change as a cross and global relevance. In content, it is concluded that the IPCC issues a warning voice to the world, because it indicates more clearly and evidence that climate change is happening now, with the devastating consequences that have already been felt in the various continents where events such as hurricanes, storms, flooding, prolonged droughts, ocean acidification and melting of glaciers are becoming more severe and obvious.

The means chosen to broadcast opinions CANLA members and replica of the official press releases were those that met the following criteria: proximity to environmental science topic, wide coverage and prestige in the region. Following these criteria were coordinated interviews with Science Portal for Latin version with Revista Chilena specializing in environmental issues Induambiente , Mario Caffera interview with The Spectator Uruguay Radio , daily press release First of Peru , channel NTN24 hour interview, Manuel Guzman opinion column Hennessey Portal the of among others.

He was also instrumental in this work support information and content analysis, publication of official communications on the web CANLA this network, as well as in the different websites of member organizations in various countries in the region. Replication of content on social networks CANLA (@ CAN_LA_ ) was also implemented to strengthen advocacy.

Understanding the importance of this new report on Climate Change proposes CANLA IPCC ads through its new report, are the backbone of future climate negotiations to come, in the short and medium term, including meeting Warsaw in November 2013, COP20 in Peru 2014 and in 2015 the Conference scheduled to be held in Paris. Under this logic and understanding that communication provided by the IPCC is vital to understanding the current and future climate.

Thus, members post ads CANLA IPCC made commitments, among them is the development of informational brochures on WG1 AR5 by KLN Colombia, training of teachers in Honduras by the Center for Climate Change that country, distribution of information material in schools, and others. Demonstrating the importance of civil society's role in the appropriation of the issue of Climate Change and its liability for mitigation and adaptation processes.

Working Networks
The communications and advocacy strategy used by CANLA considered coordinated with international networks of dissemination of civil society and other NGOs outside this network climatic stresses including, 350org, Greenpeace Mexico, Climate Exchange, Newsletter Management Local Environmental Chile, Argentina Sumaj Mayu Environmental Association, among others.

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