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Logo sotzilAsociación Sotz'il is a Mayan organisation established in November 2004, and it promotes a model of diversified and self-managed development. The organisation operates across the technical and political fields – based on the principles and cosmological values of the Mayan culture.
Sotz’il orientates and supports indigenous peoples in local, national and international advocacy work related to indigenous peoples’ rights as well as environmental and cultural rights.
Sotz’il has been a Southern Voices partner since October 2014.
Sotz’il’s work on climate change
Sotz’il is currently operating as the coordinator of the Indigenous Bureau on Climate Change (MICCG) in Guatemala, which participates in various conferences on climate change. The organisation is also an active member of the facilitator group of the National Committee of Safeguards.
Further, Sotz’il is participating in the Indigenous Forum Abya Yala - that develops proposals for the government on the subjects of climate change, REDD+, biodiversity and traditional knowledge.
Advocacy and Joint Principles for Adaptation
The aim of Sotz’il’s advocacy strategy is to ensure the rights and participation of indigenous peoples in the implementation processes of policies related to climate change, environment, natural resources and land. In 2016, Sotz'il developed a new strategy for policy influencing and capacity development, wih suport from the second phase of the Southern Voices ion Adaptation program.  
Sotz’ils advocacy strategy targets Guatemala’s Climate Change Act. The organisation uses the Joint Principles for Adaptation (JPA) to analyse its implementation and operationalization and to identify gaps in relation to the participation of indigenous peoples as well as budget allocations.
Sotz’il has a special focus on principle F. They promote the development of capacities and skills among indigenous peoples as well as the integration of ancestral and traditional knowledge in adaptation planning.
 Principle F  There is appropriate investment in the building of skills and capacities, as well as in physical infrastructure
Key achievements from advocacy work
Sotz’il has provided government with analysis of the impacts of climate change that can help guide the process of implementation of the Climate Change Act.
Sotz’il also translated the law on climate change into four indigenous languages to generate inputs from indigenous communities.
Further, the organization provides input and lessons to the Guatemalan delegation to COP meetings and promotes the inclusion of an indigenous representative in the national delegation.
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