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Janathakshan is a non-profit company established in 2011 to promote sustainable and green solutions in development.

Janathakshan has been a Southern Voices member since august 2014.

Janathakshan’s work on climate change

Janathakshan’s climate change initiatives involve four pillars: (1) low carbon development, (2) multi-stakeholder participation, (3) harmonisation of natural systems with development pathways, and (4) a commitment to a circular economy.

Its resources and expertise cover five interlinked and overlapping technical areas: Renewable Energy, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation, Micro and SME Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources Management, and Practical Answers Information Services.

Advocacy and Joint Principles for Adaptation

Janathakshan’s advocacy strategy is to influence the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) and the process of its subsequent implementation and development. The objective is to ensure the NAP meets the necessary criteria of sustainable development that strikes an effective and equitable balance between social development, economic development and environmental protection.

Janathakshan and its partners have focused on Principles A, E, F and G. The other principles – B, C and D are a secondary priority but not ignored.

Principle A    The formulation, implementation and monitoring is participatory and inclusive
Principle E The resilience of groups who are most vulnerable to climate change is promoted
Principle F There is appropriate investment in the building of skills and capacities, as well as in physical infrastructure
Principle G Plans and policies respond to evidence of the current and future manifestations and impacts of climate change

Janathakshan has chosen these principles because they are the least politically controversial and they are far easier to implement in partnership with civil society or with minimum legislative or administrative support. Accordingly, Janathakshan has worked closely with civil society, academia, government agencies and the private sector to create the political momentum for the successful design, implementation and development of the NAP.

Key achievements from advocacy work

Janathakshan has introduced the JPA to the National Steering Committee and won formal acceptance amongst the members.

It has managed to generate considerable debate about the JPA amongst the policymakers designing the NAP; thereby, producing the feedback from these discussions to help improve the JPA (i.e JPA Ver 2.0).

It has provided government agencies and key bureaucrats information on climate change adaptation and negotiations in partnership with the UNFCCC (NAP workshop).

It has compiled multiple case studies on adaptation to evaluate the NAP and the relevance of the JPA. 

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