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 New SVA partners1The Southern Voices on Adaptation is pleased to announce the seven new partners to participate in the project. There will be four from Africa, two from Asia and one from Latin America.
'There was an overwhelming response to the call for proposals. We received over 53 applications from 30 different countries,' Peter With, SVA Program Coordinator says.
'What defined the successful applications was their ambition to influence adaptation policies at the national level as opposed to only at the local or municipal level.'
The selection committee consisting of the Secretariat and Regional Facilitators initially shortlisted the proposals which demonstrated how the Joint Principles for Adaptation (JPA) would be tested.
"Many applications met the selection criteria, but our funding only allows us to support seven and it was a hard choice. The proposals which laid out a plan applying the methods in using the JPA in their influencing strategies were prioritised," continues Peter.
"We encourage other partners who wish to work with the Southern Voices for Adaptation and test the Joint Principles for Adaptation to contact us directly," Peter concludes.
The organisations who were selected to participate in the Southern Voices on Adpatation project are:
Ghana: ABANTU for Development
Kenya: National Council of Churches of Kenya
Mozambique: National Platform of Civil Society on Climate Change
Niger: Civil society platform for climate change and sustainable development
Nepal: Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development (LI-BIRD)
Sri Lanka: National Steering Committee (NSC) of CANSA – Climate Action Network South Asia
Latin America
Guataemala: Asociación Sotz'il
The organisations and networks selected as new partners will each receive a small grant to support their projects to influence national adaptation policies using the Joint Principles for Adaptation as a central tool. They will be invited to join the efforts of further developing the JPA with a view to launch an updated version at COP21 in Paris 2015.
Visit "What are the Joint Principles for Adaptation" for more information.

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