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Photo-By-Nabin-Baral.jpgWork is already well underway in the new Southern Voices on Adaptation (SV-Adapt) project. In late April, the five core networks will meet for a workshop in Kathmandu to develop the first version of the Joint Principles for Adaptation (JPA). A call for proposals is about to be launched to involve additional civil society actors in the project to test and further develop the JPA – with the ambition of defining principles for what should be good national adaptation planning.
JPA- informed by many civil society and country contexts
Recommendations for the JPA have been prepared by networks in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Malawi, Vietnam and Cambodia. The five core networks in SV-Adapt have prepared their input for the JAS through inception workshops and brainstorming sessions throughout the first quarter of 2014. This provided the "raw material" for a zero draft of the JAS to be discussed in Kathmandu on 22-23rd April.
To broaden the country experience informing the new principles – the workshop "Advocating for pro-poor adaptation policies – developing the Joint Adaptation Standards" is co-organised with CANSA who brings on board 12 NGO experts from a range of countries in South Asia. A Version 1.0 of the JAS will be prepared by the SV-Adapt based on the inputs, discussions and lessons from the workshop.

What is the purpose of having a JPA?

Promoting the JPA at Adaptation Summit in Kathmandu

Why place the workshop in Kathmandu – of all places? The reason is that by end of April, Kathmandu will host the CBA8 – you can call it an "Adaptation Summit". More than 300 participants will meet here for the International Conference on Community Based Adaptation – this year with the theme on "Financing Local Adaptation". The SV –networks will participate throughout, and use the opportunity to learn a lot from the many sessions and to promote the idea of the Joint Principles for Adaptation.
The following pages provide more information about the Southern Voices on Adaptation project:
Image courtesy of Nabin Baral of UN Earth News

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