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The Joint Principles for Adaptation

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The basic idea of this project is that the advocacy by civil society for pro-poor adaptation policies will be strengthened if they work together across countries. Most governments in the Global South will be developing National Adaptation Plans or other adaptation policies, and civil society are engaging in the process everywhere. The Southern Voices on Adaptation will develop and test the Joint Principles for Adaptation (JPA) o become code of practice on what constitutes good national policies for adaptation to climate change in the Global South. These JPA will become a tool for cooperation and information sharing between civil society networks and governments in countries with different geographic, climatic and political realities.

Civil society have a great deal of experience on the ground from working with local communities affected by climate change. By working together in civil society networks they can join the often scattered and piecemeal experiences, and provide useful input and recommendations for national governments and policies.

The term 'climate change adaptation' can mean different things to the affected communities, donors, government departments, the business community and politicians. A key purpose of the JPA is to develop a common language and set of experiences. The JPA will first be developed as a common set of civil society asks and recommendations for good adaptation policies; and in the process of working with governments and donors on the recommendations the JAS will be further developed with the intention and to act as a bridge to unite these sectors. We will not know what civil society can add to the process until they have a chance to contribute.

Implementation by civil society networks

Like its preceding phase, Southern Voices will continue to be a coalition of civil society networks from different countries that have been working to influence international climate change negotiations since COP15 in Copenhagen. The networks already involved in the project have been part of the Southern Voices programme since 2011, which focused on strengthening the capacity of southern civil society organisations to engage in advocacy on climate change policies. The networks all have a track record in mobilising civil society to influence adaptation policies to benefit the poor and vulnerable.

At this project's core will be a group comprising of three regional facilitators from southern partner NGOs, and the project coordinator in Copenhagen hosted by CARE Danmark. Decisions are taken by a Steering Committee composed of project stakeholders, and technical recommendations come from an advisory panel formed of invited experts in the field

An invitation to interested networks

We would like to invite other actors to contribute to the JAS and to engage in testing them out in their work on influencing adaptation policies in developing countries. If you interested in making a contribution, you are welcome to approach the Secretariat or one of the three regional facilitators.


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