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Regional facilitators support partner-networks in promoting the Joint Principles for Adaptation in their advocacy for pro-poor adaptation

Their key functions are:

  • To support capacity building of partner networks:
- Guiding and assisting partner networks in developing advocacy strategies, to identify capacity-buidling needs and track progress for future action plans.
  • To help engage partner networks, cross-learning and knowledge management:

- Supporting the exchange of experience between the SVA-networks and cross-learning between regions.

  • To represent and promote the Joint Principles of Adaptation in their region:

- Helping to promote the JPA and experience of partner networks between regions and on an international level. The facilitators have the responsibility to reach out to civil society actors and other relevant stakeholder. 

 See more on the key functions of the Regional Facilitators in their Terms of Reference



vosithaRegional Focal Point for Asia & Pacific 
Hosted by CANSA, Sri Lanka
Vositha Wijenayake   

Vositha is the regional facilitator in the Asian region.

Based in Sri Lanka, she works as an Advocacy Outreach Coordinator for the Climate Action Network of South Asia (CANSA). 

Vositha is a lawyer and a human rights activist and she has been active in the UNFCCC process since 2009. She has previously worked as the Executive Coordinator of SLYCAN.

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Networks in Asia & Pacific: 



Regional Focal Point for AfricaObed 3
Hosted by PACJA, Kenya  
Obed Koringo

Obed is the new regional facilitator covering partner networks in Malawi, Ghana and Kenya.

As regional facilitator, Obed is hosted by the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) in Kenya. He has previously been working for PACJA but latest as Programme Officer with the Kenya Climate Change Working Group (KCCWG). Obed has a long experience working with climate change advocacy at national and international level and supporting civil society organisation and networks. He has also participated in developing Kenya’s Intended National Determined Contribution (INDC) as part of a taskforce, and promoted the adoption of the Climate Change Bill by the parliament in Kenya.    

Obed holds a bachelors degree in Environmental Science from Kenyatta University and is currently undertaking a Masters of Science degree in Project Management from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Nairobi.

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Networks in Africa: 



Alejandro 3Regional Focal Point for Latin America
Hosted by the Alexander von Humboldt Centre, Nicaragua
Alejandro Alemán

Alejandro is the new facilitator in Latin America covering partner networks in Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Alejandro will be placed in Managua, Nicaragua, hosted by the Alexander von Humboldt Centre. Alejandro has previously worked for the Humboldt Centre, which is hosting the Latin American Sustainability Watch-network. Alejandro is leaving his job with CARE-International in Central America. Alejandro has a long experience working with advocacy across networks and regions, supervision of projects related to climate change, adaptation and disaster risk reduction. He has also been involved in the UNFCCC-process and worked on REDD+ initiatives.   

Alejandro holds a Master in Political Economics with focus on International Economics and Sustainable Development.

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