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NAP expoCredit: NAP CentralHow can governments and civil society ensure that the most vulnerable and marginalised groups are heard and involved when National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) are being prepared?
This is one among many key questions to be discussed at the UNFCCC NAP Expo in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, at Southern Voices on Adaptation’s session on multistakeholder participation.
The session will cover how to measure and evaluate participation in NAP processes and how to ensure transparency to promote stakeholder engagement.
Southern Voice’s recent report on NAP Progress In Participation and Transparency will serve as the basis for discussion.
The report was compiled using feedback from Malawi, Kenya, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Vietnam to provide an assessment of progress in transparency and participation at another UNFCCC event earlier this year.
Challenges highlighted include finances, capacity gaps, and resources. To empower neglected groups, the report supports providing plans in local languages and introducing a redress mechanism.
These proposals, in addition to many others, aim to address the fact that many governments mention the need for multi-stakeholder participation in official documents but fail to propose concrete activities to make it a reality.
Another critical area is financial transparency. The report recommends ear-marking of adaptation funds and publicly available documentation on decisions to increase clarity. Both measures intend to enhance the level of civil society engagement in financial monitoring, an area expected to grow in importance over the coming years.
In addition, promising trends in NAP processes are also cited. These include greater sub-national adaptation, longer-term planning, collaboration with civil society, and integration of development with climate adaptation.
The session will allow for a free discussion of solutions to a variety of challenges faced by government, civil society, and vulnerable groups that can enhance engagement and transparency.
Southern Voices’ session, moderated by Rajan Thapa from Clean Energy Nepal, takes place on the final day of the expo (April 6th). It will bring together stakeholders from across the entire NAP process, including participants from the Cambodian Department of Climate Change and the African private sector. African Regional Facilitator, Obed Koringo, will present Southern Voices' report.
The expo takes place between April 4th-6th and is organised by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group. It aims to share experiences, best practices and lessons learned to advance NAP processes worldwide.

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