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The Southern Voices Advocacy Toolkits and Joint Principles for Adaptation have now been downloaded in more than 14.000 copies.

Climate change is currently high on the agenda for civil society actors, especially as we approach COP21 in Paris. This is probably the reason why we see a surprisingly high interest in downloading the tools available at - Climate Change Advocacy Toolkits and Joint Principles for Adaptation (JPA).

Both are useful tools for climate advocates and grassroots in the Global South that seek to get climate change higher up on the agenda for policy makers, the media and the public.

The Advocacy Toolkits provide methods on how to influence national climate policies and global climate negotiations such as the COP21. They include guidance as well as practical examples from developing countries on how to develop advocacy plans and stakeholder analysis, and how to engage the media, how to mobilize the public and how to make the voices of local communities heard.

By end November, the toolkits had been downloaded in more than 7700 copies in total (including downloads of the single toolkits 1 – 9 and the version with all tools in one). They are available in English, French and Spanish here

The Joint Principles for Adaptation provide principles and criteria, which can be used to engage policy-makers in preparing equitable and effective adaptation policies at both national and subnational levels. By end November, they have been downloaded in more than 6000 copies plus / including the Template for the National Adaptation Status Report and the Assessment tools.

Tools based on experience of civil society climate advocates on three continents

The advocacy toolkits were developed by Southern Voices on Climate Change during 2013-14, and launched at COP20 in Lima. The Climate Change Advocacy Toolkits are based on the practical experience of Southern Voices partners in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The objective of the toolkits is to support civil society groups in building networks, planning advocacy work, and influencing national policy makers before and during climate negotiations. 

The Joint Principles for Adaptation is a tool developed with a specific focus on influencing adaptation plans and policies. It outlines what civil society actors in Africa, Latin America and Asia have identified as key ingredients of equitable and effective adaptation frameworks. The principles have been tested by civil society networks in 12 different countries, as tools that serve to engage in dialogue with policy makers at different levels in the effort of promoting pro-poor policies. The JPA were first developed and updated at partner workshops in the context of the CBA8 and CBA9 conferences – first in Kathmandu in April 2014, then in Nairobi April 2015, and now version 3 has been finalized for COP21.

See how the JPA is being used in Malawi.

The JPA have also been used by other civil society actors. As an example, the Adaptation Fund NGO Network has adopted the Principles, and is now in the process of integrating them in their own work. Read about it here:       

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