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The National Platform of Civil Society on Climate Change is a group of 10 civil society actors, and it was established in 2011. The Platform became a member of Southern Voices in 2014.
The host organisation of the network is Comunidade Moçambicana de Ajuda (CMA), who is responsible for the Southern Voices funding.
The Platform’s work on climate change
The main objective of the Platform is to develop a common and evidence-based advocacy strategy of civil society on climate change adaptation in Mozambique. This includes analysis of the climate change policy and investment and institutional frameworks in Mozambique.
It aims at building awareness and raising understanding about the main issues linked to the climate change adaptation planning process, institutional architecture, policy framework and public investments in Mozambique.
Advocacy and Joint Principles for Adaptation

The Platform is further seeking to assess the extent to which Mozambique is meeting the Joint Principles for Adaptation A, B and C:
Principle A Analysis of the planning process and policy framework
Outline the evolution of actors’ priorities and approaches towards climate change adaptation in Mozambique through an in-depth analysis of the different policies, strategies and programs governing, directing and affecting this issue.
Principle B Analysis of the public funds going to climate change adaptation
Assess the quantity of investments going to climate change adaptation, the quality of the allocation and the nature of the budgetary process.
Principle C Analysis of the institutional framework
Identify key stakeholders that play a role in the definition and implementation of climate change adaptation activities in Mozambique, look at their mandates and resources but also analyse the way they work together to achieve their objectives.
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