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Lidema for SW Membership and structure

The League of Environmental Defense, LIDEMA, is a non-profit organization, formed on August 26, 1985. It is a national network of institutions dedicated to contribute to sustainability from an environmental perspective. Currently consists of 26 institutions specializing in research, planning, environmental management, training, communication, education, natural resource management, appropriate technologies, ecotourism and / or legislation. Work in the 9 provinces of the country and its institutions operate has a coverage of approximately 146 municipalities.

His work is focused on social and environmental issues and seeks to contribute to strengthening the capacities of the different actors in society and the Bolivian government through research processes, participatory monitoring, training, awareness and environmental education, as well as policy and legislative advocacy.

LIDEMA currently comprises 26 organizations and has three organizational levels: decision level, advisory and executive and internal coordination.


And strategic objectives set whose balanced development they will achieve the vision and mission of LIDEMA are:

  • Contribute to the design, implementation and monitoring of public policies to contribute to building a sustainable society.
  • To promote, expand and improve knowledge and its application in the development of replicable models of integrated conservation and sustainable use of components of Mother Earth and the reduction of social and environmental impacts.
  • Strengthen and consolidate activities Network
  • Promote strategic alliances nationally and internacional.e work

Examples of incidence

  • LIDEMA pioneered the promotion of environmental and sustainable development policies. He has been actively involved in the drafting of the Law on the Environment and the Forestry Act and the incorporation of environmental issues in the new State Constitution and rules for their application.
  • In the 90s, spearheaded the creation of the National System of Protected Areas and its Member Institutions declaration was promoted or participated in the management of 16 of the 22 protected areas of national interest of the country.
  • Between 1994 and 2010 he conducted sensitization processes, training and mobilization annually involved about 60 thousand people through a national work that has allowed both the Bolivian civil society and decision makers are committed to environmental management .
  • His ongoing research and production of specialized materials about reality, contained in over 200 publications to date, are a contribution to decision-making and knowledge of the national socio-environmental reality.
  • The efforts put into the incorporation of the environmental dimension in development planning, mainly municipal, as well as in the development of municipal charters have allowed environmental issues to be taken into account in different geographical areas of the country.
  • Your program Reducing Vulnerability of Livelihoods to Climate Change, is an experience that shows the way how to perform interventions with holistic approach, incorporating gender equity, the recovery and revival of ancient knowledge and organizational strengthening and local capacities.
  • Nationally, LIDEMA is recognized by the state and other organizations and institutions as an important benchmark in environmental issues. Internationally active and purposefully involved in various consulting and networks for environmental conservation and sustainable development.


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